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(BLOG for UBON Fitguru Series SW-61, SW-71, SW-81)

To keep up with the current market trends and provide total satisfaction to the customers UBON launched its digitally advanced smart watch series Fitguru "SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81".

The offered Smart watches SW-61, 71, and 81 with fully touch control display set high standards in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability. With elegant design and exquisite appearance, the offered smart watches are the perfect blend of smart technology and impressive features. The watch you wear every day just got smarter. Enhance your style by wearing technology. The offered smart watches accept nothing less than perfection. The SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81 touch watches are made with precision and perfection.

Product Specifications

Largest HD-Touch Control Display Smart Watches

UBON knows how to impress its users by its design and specifications. The SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81 comes with the industry’s largest displays such as the  SW-61 has 1.75 inches large screen, SW-71 has 1.75 inches HD display, and SW-81 has 1.69 inches dynamic display. The touch watches enable smooth and seamless touch control.

The Perfect Health Guide:

Never ever underestimate your health. The SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81 smart phone watches allow their users to always be aware of health conditions with their in-built intelligent health monitor system that measures 24*7 heart rate, blood pressure, and SpO2 (Oxygen level).

Smart Watch accurately measures and records your health data and also helps you in the early detection of health problems, so that you can pay more attention to your physical and mental health

Sleep Monitoring and Weather Update

Smart Touch Watches are the most appropriate digital sleeping partner because they track and analyze sleep patterns by tracking rapid eye movement. It helps you to improve the quality of your nap and lead to a healthier life, and a longer life span.

Exceptional Battery Backup with Elegant & Impressive Design

The offered screen touch watches SW-61, SW-71, SW-81 are embedded with the highest-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides different-different standby and working times.

The SW-61 smart watch offers 24 hours backup, SW-71 smart phone watch provides 36 hours of working time and 120 hours of standby time, and the SW-81 screen touch watch delivers 170 hours of non-stop working time and 350 hours standby time.

Real Fitness Partner with Different-Different Sports Mode

UBON SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81 with technologically advanced wear OS track the calories you consumed in a day and no of steps you traveled in different sports modes.

The Smart Watch Series with wear OS comes with in-build sports modes like Treadmills, Running, Cycling, Spinning, Badminton, Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, etc.

Through different sports mode, the smart touch watches allows users to track their endurance level and also help to track physical health in advance.

IP67 and IPX5 Water & Dust Resistance with Smart Calling and Notification Features

The SW-61, SW-71, SW-81 smart watches comes with the IP67 and IPX5 features that protect the watch from dust and water splashes from any direction and resist sustained, low-pressure, and high-pressure water jet spray. The introduced smart watch series SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81 are comes with the smart calling feature that allows users to dial numbers and answer/end calls.

Furthermore, the watch directly controls your camera and music.

To add more, the smart watch series comes with 6 months of warranty against manufacturing defects and loaded with several other features such as Sleep mode, smart camera control, weather update, stopwatch function, knob function, alarm, custom dial, and alarm.

Stay healthy and fit with the BIS certified UBON Fitguru Series Smart Watches SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81. The offered smart watches SW-61, SW-71, and SW-81 are the most trusted and reliable health guide and fitness partner. In this wonderful and colorful world the Fitguru series smart watches always tell you the value of time


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