Tech Essentials for Every Journey: UBON's Must-Have Vacation Gear!

Tech Essentials for Every Journey: UBON's Must-Have Vacation Gear!

Summer vacations are just a month away. And the parents are busy planning vacation surprises for their kids. While Delhiites rush for Haridwar and Rishikesh, Kashmir and even plan for Kedarnath Yatra, and then there are others who throw a surprise for their loved ones and opt for out-of-India destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Make a list of the clothes that might be needed during your trip. Clothes should be suitable to combat the weather out there. If you are going to a hilly destination, then make sure that the you have some woolens to combat the cold.

Power Banks

Make sure that you have a power bank that can retain charging for hours. UBON has a vast range of power banks ranging of 10000mAh to 30000mAh that will keep your devices such as mobiles and tablets charged for long. UBON also houses a range of transparent and stylish power banks. These power banks are compact, portable and user friendly. They come loaded with some impressive features such safe and secure charging.  Click here to see the vast range of power banks offered by UBON.
The latest range of chargers introduced are the Mag Safe chargers that include models such as PB-X105 and PBX-104 which are compatible with the newer models of iPhone including iPhone-12, iPhone-13, iPhone-14, iPhone-15 ranges.

TWS (Wireless Earbuds)

Second in the fray is a good pair of Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds (TWS). They keep you free and keep you connected. Since they are wirelessly connected to your phone, they offer you freedom from wires. While these earbuds come in stylish cases and offer considerable playtime, they can be your long-time travel buddies. Click here to find the latest range of TWS earbuds.

UBON’s latest range of TWS come with special ANR (Anti-Noise Reduction) feature. This particular feature has revolutionized the power of audio inside, by reducing the ambient sound. Getting a neckband for yourself is the next best option.


CL-35 Bullet series neckband is one such neckband that comes with an extra battery, which could be fully charged to double the playtime of the device. The neckband provides a whopping playtime of up to 100 hours. Many other wireless neckbands offered by UBON that provide quality sound can also be bought to make sure that you remain connected while on the go.

If at all you have a limited budget then UBON earphones are the next best thing on the platter. UBON has an interested line-up of earphones that offer quality audio, without having to charge them. Choose from an interesting line-up of latest earphone models.


Taking a good phone charger is always a plus. Always make sure that you choose the best and most suitable chargers for your phone. Phone chargers of various capacities and compatibilities are available with UBON.
Apart from the wide range of chargers, UBON takes pride in introducing the first ever transparent 

range of chargers in India. Almost all the chargers offered by UBON are safe and secure and come with a fast-charging feature and are compatible with various modes.

Wireless Speakers

Music is an inseparable part of our lives and UBON’s widest range of wireless speakers gives you many options to party with your friends and family. The size and performance of a speaker depends upon the number of people around.

UBON has a wide range of speakers that start from a 10W output and goes to speakers that offer a mammoth performance of up to 100W.  Be rest assured that every party is going to be fun with UBON speakers. The speakers have multi-connectivity options and can also be connected on wireless mode.

Be sure to party, when you are on an outing! And UBON’s wide range of wireless speakers offer you the best possible audio for outings.