Moms can be supermoms with UBON!

Moms can be supermoms with UBON!

Mothers are incredible influencers and music introducers! UBON’s audio accessories and mobile accessories can play a significant role in brightening their days and empowering them on the go.

From soothing lullabies to lively birthday tunes and enchanting wedding melodies, mothers have always been our first music teachers. UBON makes life easier for them by offering budget-friendly neckbands, TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones, and cool accessories that bring smiles to their faces by connecting them to music, power, and much more. 

They are like superheroes — taking care of us, teaching us valuable lessons, cooking delicious meals, and so much more. They're not just caregivers but also singers, dancers, performers, and even magicians who can lull a kid to sleep with a simple lullaby. Moms have a magical presence, almost like the goddess Saraswati, known for her wisdom, music, and rhythm.

They understand rhythms so well that their musical lullabies, paired with gentle back pats, can quickly send an infant into a peaceful slumber. It's a special moment that often goes unnoticed but is remarkable. 

UBON's Contribution to Moms' Happiness

UBON Speakers are a big hit at baby showers and celebrations of motherhood! They blast awesome tunes ranging from traditional melodies to popular Bollywood hits like "Dhiktana" and "Gallan Goodiyan." One such standout speaker is the Music-Blaster HT-1550, which can fill the entire house with musical happiness with its powerful 70W output!

UBON also gives moms the gift of freedom with its range of wireless earphones. With TWS earphones like J18 Future Pods and BT-90 series, moms can move around freely, chat with their bosses and family members during work-from-home days, and seamlessly coordinate doctor calls, when needed. They can also binge-watch movies, documentaries, web series, and much more. Some of these mothers are using the TWS for academic purposes too. These earbuds open up a world of opportunities for multitasking moms!

Capturing Priceless Moments with UBON Selfie Sticks

Moms can preserve beautiful memories with UBON Selfie Sticks! These handy tools help moms take amazing selfies and create stunning Instagram posts with their kids. Models like the Travel Stick SF-140 and 3-in-1 Travel Stick are perfect companions for capturing picture-perfect moments.

The durability of UBON selfie sticks ensures they'll be around for years to come, allowing moms to document precious memories as their children grow.

UBON Power Banks: Always Prepared

Imagine being a mom at the hospital, constantly on call and talking to family members. Suddenly, your phone battery starts to drain rapidly, threatening to cut off your only means of communication. But smart moms always carry a UBON Power Bank!

UBON Power Banks come in various capacities and sleek designs. Notably, UBON introduced the concept of transparent power banks in India. Models like PB-SX201 combine style with functionality, keeping moms connected and powered up.

For iPhone users, UBON offers PB - X104 and PB - X105 Power Banks, ensuring they stay charged and ready to go.

In summary, whether it's enjoying music, capturing cherished moments, or staying connected on the move, UBON's innovative gadgets make life easier and more enjoyable for moms everywhere!