Fulfil Your Wanderlust with Ubon Selfie Stick

Fulfil Your Wanderlust with Ubon Selfie Stick

Fulfil Your Wanderlust with Ubon Selfie Stick.

A memorable journey is all about creating memories and capturing them. It is essential to bring the right companion with you on your journey, such as a selfie stick, to make your journey an unforgettable one. If you have a selfie stick with you, you can easily take the best selfies and capture the best moments. They are a great way to take videos and selfies on your smartphone as you go. The only downside is that they are usually quite large, but UBON has come up with a solution to this problem by offering the Travel Stick SF-140, India's best selfie stick. This is the lightest and ultra-portable selfie stick on the market. You can make a video, take a picture, or capture a panorama with it thanks to its wireless connectivity and remote-control feature. The selfie stick will help you in the best way whether you are taking the best selfie pose or clicking the most beautiful scenery. So, get your hands on the best selfie stick from India today.

We all want to capture every one of our lives and taking selfies and making videos is certainly not a new thing, it is easily one of the most widely used activities today. UBON's SF-140 selfie stick makes taking selfies a lot easier and better. It offers a lot of features at an affordable price. SF-140 selfie-and travel stick lets you capture photos, and videos, and make travel easier and more enjoyable. This blog is about my selfie stick and why it's the best selfie stick on the market.

To begin with, we need to answer the most pressing question: Why should a traveller or social media influencer use UBON’s SF-140, selfie stick?

The 'selfie' era is here and you can make out yourself as a superstar with a perfect angle photo or make videos. 360-degree rotating selfie sticks make snapping the perfect selfie easy.

Nowadays, the selfie stick has become one of the most popular gadgets around the world due to smartphones. Smartphones have made it very convenient to click a good picture, whether it is a selfie or a group selfie. This is because the camera quality of all phones is improving with each new version. The selfie stick is also getting better with every new launch, and it is now easier to take a selfie or a group selfie.

Since we are the most travelled generation and we have our smartphones all the time, have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to have the opportunity to capture self-capture and capture with friends? We have the solution in the form of a selfie stick.


The benefits of UBON’s SF-140 travel stick are a combo of selfie stick and tripod.

For better selfies and videos, keep your phone steady and firmly in place.

Taking selfies with your phone is easy, but it can tire your arm and make your hands slippery if you do it frequently. If you drop your phone and crack the screen, it's the worst thing that can happen to you. UBON SF-140, selfie and travel stick can be of great assistance in this situation. You can hold your arm comfortably in a comfortable position by holding the pole in the length and grip of the pole so that your hand won't slip as easily. The length and grip of the pole are designed to hold your phone.


Taking a selfie doesn't require asking strangers or taking a tripod.

Whether you were travelling solo or in a group, if you didn't bring a tripod, you might find yourself having to ask a stranger to take your photo. Not only can this be awkward, but you also risk them running off with your phone or camera. The UBON selfie stick eliminates the need for a stranger and the need for carrying an extra tripod. In addition to being a selfie stick, this tripod can also be used as a selfie stick.


Make a selfie or a video at any angle to get a better view.

With your smartphone at any angle, taking a full-body selfie or capturing the beautiful scenery of mountains, beaches, and many more scenic place is usually difficult to do. With the UBON SF-140 selfie stick, you can record videos or take full-body selfies and selfies of beautiful cities or landscapes where we like to take selfies with the view.


Easy to pack and carry around.

This selfie stick is designed to retract to a small size and typically doesn't weigh that much, so you won't have to worry about getting good selfies, especially if you're a solo traveller. This Selfie stick is designed to retract to a compact size and typically doesn’t weigh that much, so they're easy to carry.


Furthermore, there are many other benefits to using the UBON SF-140 selfie stick. Let's take a closer look at the features of UBON's first selfie stick.

  • 360 Degree Rotational Phone Clamp: The SF-140 selfie stick records videos and captures photos from a 360-degree angle, thanks to a rotating phone clip with a 270-degree view. With a rotational phone clamp, you can select a perfect angle for photographs and videos.
  • Detachable v5.0 Wireless Remote Control: The SF-140 selfie stick has the latest v5.0 wireless remote control for a stable and seamless connection. You can take pictures and make videos from a distance of 30 feet with its detachable controller.
  • Compact and Extendable Selfie stick: The SF-140 selfie stick is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry everywhere. Users can adjust the length of the stick from 19cm to 100cm by their preferences.
  • Non-Slippery Tripod Mode: Due to its high-quality non-slippery tripod, the SF-140 selfie control stick can also be used as a tripod during online classes and meetings, and to take videos and photographs hands-free.
  • Wider Compatibility and Foldable Selfie Stick: SF-140 selfie stick is compatible with Android 4.2.2 and iOS 5.0 and above smartphones. It can easily be folded up to 19 cm. Furthermore, it is made of stainless steel and ABS to enhance its durability.

While selfie sticks have become a common sight at tourist sites across India, they are bulky, heavy, and require the user to be near a power point to charge the phone. But, UBON's 360-degree rotating selfie stick Travel Stick SF-140 is a great travelling partner and gadget due to its compact and lightweight design and does not require the user to be near a power source to charge. Travellers can take selfies from a distance with this tripod-turned-selfie stick, instead of having to ask someone to take their photo. Taking a selfie is now possible from any angle without being concerned about someone coming across into their phone or blocking their selfies.

It's no longer necessary to stop your group photos because someone is missing to take group selfies or group photos with your friends, family, and loved ones. You can get photos and videos that they can see in real-time with UBON wireless selfie sticks “TRAVEL STICK SF-140”, it’s the best travel companion you can get.

We hope you enjoyed our article about India's best selfies stick. With this knowledge, You can capture amazing shots while travelling by taking advantage of this selfie stick. Get the UBON Travel Stick SF-140, a wireless selfie stick that can be controlled wirelessly.


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