This Janmashtami, embark on a musical, bhakti-filled journey.

This Janmashtami, embark on a musical, bhakti-filled journey.

🧉Janmashtami is a festival that enhances the spirit of celebrating Krishna’s birth and is prominently marked with Krishna Leelas organized in and around temples.

Musical bhakti-filled celebrations in temples.

Little girls, dressed in embellished Indian clothes as Gopis💃, dance to songs based on the miraculous life of Krishna, who killed many powerful demons at a tender age. Many Bhajans, sung by Surdas, Meerabai, and prominent Bhajan singers of the present times, are played using speakers 🔊 so that the positive vibrations can spread far and wide.

Indian households enjoy bhajans with families.

Krishna Bhajans are also played in homes and kitchens. Many households use portable speakers that can connect to TF cards, wireless devices, and pen drives, continuously playing Krishna Bhajans or Hare Krishna Chants in a loop and enjoy the experience with their families. UBON speakers provide the luxury of real-life music to continue the blissful musical experience on the occasion of Janmashtami🎉.

Fasting on Janmashtami leads to better health.

Many devotees also observe fasts during Janmashtami. The fasts are said to be the 'refresh' button for one's health. Many aspects of health can be tracked with the help of UBON's latest range of smartwatches, which include blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, and many other factors.

More emphasis on Karma

Last but not least, we must not forget the most invaluable contribution of Lord Krishna in the form of the Bhagavad Gita, where Lord Krishna defines the supremacy of Karma over all other aspects of life. This Janmashtami, let's vow to live a fulfilled life and prioritize our duties (Karma) towards our families and, more importantly, towards mankind.


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