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    Charge Guru CH-93 Car Charger

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    Charge your Devices on-the-go with Ubon CH-93 Charge Guru Car Charger Elevate your car charging experience with the Ubon Charge Guru CH-93 Car Charger....


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    Total price:₹ 1,698 ₹ 678

    Frequently Bought Together

    Total price:₹ 1,698 ₹ 678

    Charge your Devices on-the-go with Ubon CH-93 Charge Guru Car Charger

    Elevate your car charging experience with the Ubon Charge Guru CH-93 Car Charger. Benefit from its dual USB ports, rapid charging capabilities, and robust protection features, all packaged in a sleek and portable design. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety and enjoy a hassle-free journey with the CH-93 Charge Guru by your side. Here are some of the key features of Ubon Charge Guru CH-93 Car Charger:

    Rapid Charging with 3.1A Power Output: Introducing the CH-93 Charge Guru, a car charger that brings fast and optimal charging to your device. With a powerful 3.1A power output, this charger empowers you to charge two devices simultaneously at impressive speeds.

    Charge On the Go with Dual USB Ports: Designed for convenience, the dual USB ports of the CH-93 Charge Guru allow you to charge two devices together, making it perfect for your car journeys. Keep both your devices charged and ready to use wherever you're headed.

    Compact, Lightweight Design: The CH-93 Charge Guru boasts a lightweight and compact design, ensuring that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Experience the freedom of efficient charging on the move.

    Smart Protection Mechanisms: Equipped with an in-built smart IC protection system, this car charger safeguards your devices from potential risks such as overvoltage, short-circuit, and overheating. Drive with confidence, knowing your devices are secure.

    Universal Compatibility: The Charge Guru supports a wide range of connectivity options, including micro-USB, Type-C, and Apple Lightning cables. Enjoy seamless compatibility with your devices for fast and hassle-free charging.

    Included Micro-USB Charging Cable: The CH-93 Charge Guru comes complete with a micro-USB charging cable, ensuring you have everything you need to start charging your devices right away.

    BIS Certification: Rest assured that the Ubon CH-93 Charge Guru Car Charger meets the highest safety standards, thanks to its BIS certification. Prioritize safety without compromising on charging speed.

    Some of the main features of the Ubon Charge Guru CH-93 Car Charger are as follows:

    • Dual USB Ports
    • 3.1A Power Output
    • Fast Charging
    • Wider Compatibility
    • In-built Protection
    • Micro-USB Charging Cable
    • BIS-certified
    S.no Specifications Parameters
    1 Model No. CH-93
    2 Input Voltage 12-24V DC
    3 Output Voltage DC 5V-3.1A Max
    4 Ports Dual USB Ports
    5 Country of Origin India
    6 Protection Over Temperature , Overheating, Overvoltage and Short Circuit Protection
    7 Material Fireproof ABS + PC
    8 Charger Type Car Charger
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Its lightweight and compact design, fast charging, in-built protection, and wider compatibility make it different from other car chargers.

    Yes, it supports fast charging with its 3.1A power output.

    It has dual USB ports to charge two devices at once.

    Yes, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

    Yes, it is a BIS-certified charger.

    Yes, it has a 6-month warranty only against its manufacturing defects. To claim the warranty, please send your product’s invoice to our email address: ecom@ubon.in.
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    Good compatibility and versatile. Great buy!

    good product.

    it has overheating protection, dual usb, 3.1 Amp, and short circuit protection..go for this product..

    good for my car.

    good product.

    Awesome product from ubon.💯💯

    I ordered this product from 2 days back .. packaging was good.. product is also good.. overall a good product.

    Fast car charger at reasonable price 💯💯

    Fast charger.💯💯